How To Stand Out When You Self-Publish

It happened to me. My agent loved my book and was confident she could sell it–but six months later no publisher had signed on.

In the past, the story ended there. You might look for another agent to represent that particular book. You might self-publish, as I did, on Lulu. I was delighted to see my book in paperback and hardcover and e-reader form, and pleased by many positive responses from readers. But my name did not become famous nor my pockets fill.

Today, there’s another option. An agent who is excited about your book can enlist a service from Amazon called White Glove. The agent is stil betting her time on her belief that your book could attract sales. She earns the standard 15% of your earnings.

The advantage for you is that you don’t need to become an expert in self-publishing. Amazon does the work, with your agent leading the way. You have a buddy to share the ups and downs. And your agent’s faith is a big endorsement that will help your book attract publicity.

This is just one of many options in the brand new world of self-publishing. Trust that one of them can work for you.